Trade Shows and Convention Center
Pickups and Deliveries

Trade shows present specific and unique challenges, and unless your carrier is experienced in the ins and outs of trade show deliveries and pickups, you could find yourself in your booth space with no exhibit. CTS is well versed in the intricacies of trade show logistics and will eliminate the stress of logistical issues so you can concentrate on what is most important, the show itself.

We offer dock-to-dock service so there is less exposure to potential damage. We will pick up your display from your headquarters or from your last show and deliver it directly to the dock of the next show.

If there is a significant amount of time between one show and another, we will store your exhibit in our warehouse and ensure that it is delivered to your next show on time and in the condition that we received it..

Our drivers are highly experienced in trade-show drop offs and pick-ups, and are very knowledgeable about the procedures necessary to assure on-time check-in and proper handling of your exhibit materials. (As with any trade show delivery or pick up, waiting time charges apply.)

Whether you are moving a pallet or a truckload, we have the experienced personnel necessary to take the worry out of your trade show transportation and shipping.

We can move cargo from the point of origin anywhere in the world right to your door. Local representation ensures exacting service levels.